Whole30 Approved Sauces

Flavor UP!!

Your Whole30 meal prep just got exciting! Making a delicious Whole30 meal can feel a little overwhelming at times. So, we created these sauces that you'll absolutely love! You can sit down to a nourishing meal in less than 15 minutes with these.Try some today and see what you've been missing!

whole30 approved indian cooking sauces


Life just got more FLAVORFUL!

Whole30 Approved, Indian Cooking Sauces in 3 Amazing & Authentic regional flavors of India. Simmer, Saute, Marinate, InstaPot, Slow cooker...pour 'n go sauces that will make your Whole30 meals delicious and scrumptious in minutes. You can sit down to a nourishing meal in less than 15 minutes with these. Try some today and see what you've been missing! Clean ingredients, No GMO’s, No Artificial Anything!

Our collection of flavors include:

The classic Tikka Masala from the Punjab region in Northern India; the light & bright flavors of Kolhapuri from Western India & the peppery robust flavors of the Malabar from Kerala in Southern India. Each flavor is scrumptious and unique and makes every meal a YUMMY one!

Nummy Nibbles was founded on the philosophy that flavorful food should be easy, fun & uncomplicated!!! We are excited to be part of the amazing Whole30 Approved program and bring that philosophy to your kitchen with our Indian cooking sauces.

What is Whole30® ?

The Whole30® program is an amazing program co-founded by Melissa Hartwig and is designed to change your life in 30 days.

It's kind of a "reset" program for your body that helps  transform  the way you think of foods and cravings. Click here to learn more about Whole30® and benefit from this amazing program.

Why Whole30 Approved?

In 2017, our chef & co-founder tried the Whole30 program for the first time. He was amazed at the positive impact the program had on his life - both physically and emotionally. It was however difficult at times, to create flavorful foods during the program given his schedule. So when we started our journey towards launching our sauces, it was clear - they needed to be easy to use and Whole30 compliant - which would make it easier for many more to try the program and benefit from it. It took about 6 months and many, many test runs, to get all the flavors right, but we did it. And now you can try them too…

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