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Nummy Nibbles is a Denver based food company specializing in Gourmet Condiments & Sauces.

The company was launched by Subhash & Jyothi, a Denver couple, whose experiments with creating a spicy peanut butter led to some amazing, tasty, global flavors and eventually to a new product line – Gourmet Peanut Condiments! In May of 2018, due to tremendous customer demand, they launched a line of authentic Indian Cooking Sauces that showcase Regional Indian flavors & are Certified Vegan and have No Added Sugars!

All our products are inspired from world cuisines – foods we have grown up on and experienced during our travels. Nummy Nibbles is founded on the philosophy that preparing flavorful foods should be easy, fun and uncomplicated.  Our peanut condiments offer a quick way to make dips, marinades, sauces, curries…or just as a spread for sandwiches and burgers. Our gourmet peanut condiments are inspired by flavors from around the world - from Louisiana to Mexico, and all the way to Mumbai.

Our cooking sauces are authentic regional flavors - the more familiar Tikka Masala is from the vibrant Punjab region in Northern India, the Kolhapuri is from the Kolhapur region in Western India and the Malabar is from the Southern coastal region of Kerala. They are certified Vegan and have no added sugars!

Recently, we launched our Plant Based Omelette/Scramble Mixes in 3 delicious flavors! As vegans ourselves, we missed the simple omelette for breakfast(or dinner). We created these mixes to help fix that! Made with Chickpea flour, veggies and spices they are Protein Packed and free of the big 8 allergens!

We take great pride in using only Natural ingredients in all our products with No Artificial Anything - just the pure natural goodness and the wonderful flavor of spices. And all of our products are Vegan!
As animal lovers we are proud to support the following local and national animal welfare organizations. Part of our proceeds go to support the amazing work these organizations do - Foothills Animal Shelter; TWAS [The Wild Animal Sanctuary]; ASPCA & The Humane Society
Our goal is to create products that excites everyone! Plant based products are not only great for your body but also for our sustainable food choicesJoin us on our amazing Vegan Food Journey!